Our crane Services

Responsive & Professional

  • Grove 300Ton Truck Crane Model #ATC6200
  • Linkbelt 200Ton Crane Model #ACT3200
  • Linkbelt 100Ton Crane Model #RTC-80100
  • Grove 90Ton Crane Model #RT890E
  • Grove 90Ton Crane Model #TM890
  • Linkbelt 65Ton Crane Model #RTC8065
  • Grove 65Ton Crane Model #RT865BXL
  • P&H 65Ton Crane Model #Omega RT
  • P&H 40Ton Crane Model #Omega RT
  • Broderson 15Ton Carry Deck Crane Model IC-200-2B

Public Service Projects  
We aren't limited in just specific areas of operation.  We can be and go anywhere

Crane Rentals
Our experience pays off when it comes to equipment recommendations.  

  • Clark Lima 300Ton Truck Crane Model #7700
  • P&H 140Ton Crane Model #TM9125A
  • Bucyrus Erie 125Ton Super Crawler Crane Model #61B
  • Lorain 90Ton Lattice Boom Truck Crane Model #790
  • Bucyrus 70Ton Crane Model #65C Hydro
  • P&H 100Ton Crawler Crane Model#5100
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Our goal is to provide customers with the best crane and lift experience.  At Precision Cranes Inc, we hoist and rig to the the extra mile on every project. The value we provide customers comes from our level of skill and performance as well as our knowledge and professionalism. Rest assured, we put the same level of energy into every customers experience.  

We provide a full range of crane operations and rental services.  We have been involved in all aspects of the construction business from Commercial to Industrial in both the private and public sectors. We have expertise in dynamic compaction. Dynamic compaction is one of the more versatile and least expensive of the available ground improvement techniques. It involves the repeated dropping of large steel tampers by means of crawler cranes. Tampers typically range from 6 to 20 tons, and are dropped from heights of about 40 to 80 feet.

Commercial Projects
From large to small jobs, we've got you covered with equipment to meet your needs.

Commercial Projects

From large to small jobs, we've got it covered with equipment to meet your needs.